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, Ford Taunus-Cologne V4/V6 Tuning Guide

Ford Taunus-Cologne V4/V6 Tuning Guide

Originally known as the Ford Taunus, this engine is now more commonly known as the Cologne. There are two major forms of Cologne V6 of true concern, basically, the 2.8 and 2.9 series of...

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, Ford SOHC (Pinto) Tuning Guide

Ford SOHC (Pinto) Tuning Guide

Introduced by Ford in 1970, the Pinto was one of the first production engines to carry the cam on top of the head, driven by a toothed belt. There are two main versions –...

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, Ford Lotus Twin Cam 8v Tuning Guide

Ford Lotus Twin Cam 8v Tuning Guide

The stuff legends are made of, the Lotus TC was THE engine of the Sixties, especially in cars such as the Ford Mk1 Cortina plus the Anglia, which was the first road-type car, albeit...

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, Ford Kent Crossflow Tuning Guide

Ford Kent Crossflow Tuning Guide

This engine was introduced in the Ford Mk2 Cortina and differs from the earlier units by having the carb on the left and the exhaust on the right – hence, crossflow. They also varied...

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, Ford Essex V4 and V6

Ford Essex V4 and V6

This Ford engine can be viewed as a kind of scaled down American V8 and it certainly weighs as much! Originally introduced in 1965 in even more scaled down V4, the Essex was available...

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, Ford Duratec HE Tuning Guide

Ford Duratec HE Tuning Guide

This is the latest exciting power unit to come from Ford and looks very much like the Zetec – especially when that engines badged as such! But there are big differences – the engine...

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, Ford CVH

Ford CVH

Introduced in the front wheel drive Mk3 Escort in 1980, the Ford CVH has been available in both normally aspirated (N/A) and turbo forms and it?s been tuned to produce daft power using both...

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Engine – General – Burton Power

Whether you drive a modern or older car, Ford or non-Ford, it is possible to improve engine power and efficiency by fitting selected performance products which simply bolt on to the engine externals. High...

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Camshaft Fitting & Timing

Camshaft Fitting – Burton Power Due to the high number of phone calls we receive concerning the fitment and timing of camshafts, we have decided to include camshaft fitting instructions on this website. The...

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