Northampton Motorsport

The team at Northampton Motorsport is dedicated to providing the highest standards of workmanship and care and always strive to get the best results possible. We are all passionate about cars and motorsport and the satisfaction and motivation gained from improving the way a car drives or handles is fantastic. We are always happy for customers to be present during the tuning process and find this interaction with the customer vital in ensuring we meet the customer’s expectations.

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The Blackbird Auto Club

The Blackbird Auto club is a Motorsport Enthusiasts and 12 Car Navigational Club founded over 55 years ago and still going strong. We hope you find our site useful. We are actively looking for new members and if you are interested in becoming a member

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FER – Federation of Engine Re-manufacturers

In 1937 a small body of engine re-manufacturers formed the National Association of Crankshaft and Cylinder Grinders with the main objective of establishing higher standards of workmanship within the engine re-manufacturing industry. In 1968 the Association was re-organised and became The Federation of Engine Re-Manufacturers but the objective remained the same, as it does today.

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